The INITIAL Detail is ‘THE WORKS’!

All the benefits of the Major Correction Detail plus wheels, engine bay, Interior detail & enhancement, all the recommended optional extras!

This process is for the true enthusiast!

There is no compromise with the initial detail flagship package it really is the crème de la crème and the most comprehensive care option your car can get.

Not only will we restore your vehicles paintwork to a Better Than New finish, you will also benefit from concourse levels of perfection throughout the rest of your much loved marque.

As always your vehicle will be subject to a meticulous INITIAL inspection executed by our Master Detailer and you will be offered a choice of state of the art ceramic applications and treatments for both exterior & interior.


  • A professional hand wash using a grit guard 2 bucket system followed by a PH neutral snow foam application.
  • Vehicle is Meticulously dried employing a combination of microfiber and air methods.
  • Alloy wheels removed, meticulously cleaned and sealed.
  • Arches and door shuts cleaned and treated.
  • Engine bay detail, De greased and treated.
  • Trim masked or removed ready for machine polishing.
  • The process moves to clay barring to remove any stubborn contaminants like tar. The paintwork is now brought to a smooth clean finish ready for the polishing stage.
  • Multiple machine polishing process capable of removing up to 95% of defects.
  • The second stage machine pass refines this leaving a deep high gloss finish.
  • The vehicle is washed again to remove any deposits from the machine polishing process.
  • The paintwork is wiped over with decontaminant to remove any excess residue from the machine polish and prepares the paint for a protection application of your choice.
  • Paintwork is treated with a certified only ceramic application.
  • Exterior trim dressed with an application of your choice.
  • Glass polished inside and out and rain repellent dressing applied.
  • Windscreen machine polished
  • Chrome work, grilles and badges polished and dressed.
  • Interior detailing
  • Tyre’s dressed
  • Quality Control, Final inspection and wipe down.