Our paint protection is a transparent film applied to the vehicles exterior bodywork. Designed to withstand the impact of stone chipping and weathering, and is guaranteed to remain optically clear year after year and inhibits rust and mold growth.

Whats more our PFF is Self Healing Call in to our showroom today & ask for an impressive demonstration which involves taking a wire brush to a sample bodywork treated by our very own Paint Protection Film. Over a matter of minutes all abrasions disappear!


Before and After PPF

  • High gloss, high resolution premium multi layer protection film.

  • Self Healing properties men scratches and abrasions disappear within minutes.
  • Protection from road rash, tar, chemical and mechanical contact.
  • Guaranteed to withstand UV degradation, zero yellowing, cracking or shrinking.
  • The film is invisible until very close inspection, it enhances the shine giving a deep jewel like look to the paintwork due to multiple high gloss layers.
  • A Ten year warranty ensures peace of mind and proves to be a savvy investment.
  • Vehicle specific, pre cut, manufacturer spec patterns ensure a perfect professional fit.
  • ¬†Anti corrosion and mold inhibiting protection.
  • Was and wax your vehicle as normal after installation as no special treatment is required after PPF has been applied.