The INITIAL Major Paint Correction Detail is designed to restore deeper paint damage.

The process consists of 2 -4 stages of  machine polishing to eliminate heavier scratches and even sanding damage.

Our Approved Master Detailer will conduct a meticulous inspection of your vehicles paintwork and advise if up to 95% paint correction is achievable (some deeper scratches may require paint)

This process is guaranteed to transform any tired looking vehicle to a sparkling gem to be proud of.

5 – 7 Days


  • A professional hand wash using a grit guard 2 bucket system followed by a PH neutral snow foam application.
  • Vehicle is Meticulously dried employing a combination of microfiber and air methods.
  • Alloy wheels cleaned (removal optional at extra cost)
  • Arches and door shuts cleaned and treated.
  • Trim masked or removed ready for machine polishing.
  • The process moves to clay barring to remove any stubborn contaminants like tar. The paintwork is now brought to a smooth clean finish ready for the polishing stage.
  • Multiple machine polishing process capable of removing up to 95% of defects.
  • The second stage machine pass refines this leaving a deep high gloss finish.
  • The vehicle is washed again to remove any deposits from the machine polishing process.
  • The paintwork is wiped over with decontaminant to remove any excess residue from the machine polish and prepares the paint for a protection application of your choice.
  • A single layer (multiple available at extra cost) is then applied. Initial Detail offer a range of coating to suit all budgets, please inquire for our full range.
  • Exterior trim dressed with an application of your choice.
  • Glass polished inside and out.
  • Chrome work, grilles and badges polished and dressed.
  • Tyre’s dressed
  • Quality Control, Final inspection and wipe down.


  • Ceramic Paint Protection
  • Approved applicator only ceramic paint protection
  • Wheel protection
  • Interior detailing & Protection
  • Engine bay detailing
  • Exterior trim
  • Long term Rain repellent